Collomix CMG 1700 betoonifrees

TAVAHIND: 641,60 + km
SOODUSHIND: 496,20 + km

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To grind down glue and adhesive residuals from tile and floor coverings; to polish concrete and screed surfaces; to remove formwork seams, coatings, and paint; to wear down and polish mineral surfaces.

Concrete grinder CMG 1700: Modern techniques for a convincing performance and durability

  • A 1700 watt motor for a new dimension of performance
  • High abrasive rate on concrete
  • Optimized cooling concept
  • Protective cover with vacuum cleaner connection
  • Sliding protection guard, for easy grinding close to border and edges
  • Safety rubber lamellar ring
  • Adjustable handle
  • Spindle lock
  • Full wave electronics