Panasonic puidu/metallisaag EY4542X

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SOODUSHIND: 159,00 + km

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The Panasonic EY4542LR2S is part of the Tough Tool IP Range and is therefore prepared for the most extreme conditions! Built with exceptional resistance to dust and water the Tough Tool IP range will keep on going, minimising your down time and delays caused by malfunction. The EY4542LR2S is a genuine Multi Purpose Cutter due to the innovative guard design. This allows several types of blade to be used safely giving it the ability to cut steel, wood and even plastic. Spark-free metal cutting with no de-burring and accurate cuts in wood and plastic make the EY4542LR2S the ideal tool not only for sheet metal trades but also the likes of electricians, plumbers and exhibition stand construction.

The IP standard this Panasonic range carries is awarded by the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC). The IP standards test is designed to gauge the level of protection each product offers against dust and water in the toughest conditions. Uses Lithium-ion battery technology, which has a number of advantages: the batteries have no memory effect, which allows them to be recharged before they are completely discharged; they are up to 40% lighter than a NiCD or NiMH battery and they also maintain their charge noticeably longer which provides increased productivity.


  • Blade Diameter: 135mm diameter blade
  • Blade Bore: 20mm bore
  • No Load Speed: 3,600rpm
  • Variable depth of cut: 0-46mm
  • Integrated LED job light
  • Only 2.65kg net weight inc battery
  • 3 way dust control system
  • Integrated LED job light
  • Safety switch lock

Supplied with: Bare Unit without batteries or charger, ultilise your existing 14.4v Panasonic batteries.